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Majorette, le retour.

Après le succés de mon premier post, je me permets de reposter un dessin en l'honneur de mes amies majorettes et de leur art.

N'hesitez surtout pas à commenter.

Mais vraiment, n'hesitez pas.

lundi, mars 23, 2009

Man and the moon (Disney 1955)

I'm fed up of people thinking that Disney is only stupid princesses, singing birds and mainstream visual style. A closer look in the history of the studio proves that it's totally wrong.

In 1955, Ward Kimball, on of the Nine old men and finest graphic designer at Disney, has directed a program called Man and the moon, an educational mix cartoon/live action speaking about our relation with the moon.
The first part of the show, dedicated to the history of the moon in men's cultur, is all animated. Ward Kimball show here all the graphic and original style of the Disney artists, using the distinguish style of the late 50's cartoon modern. Moreover the animation is very good, funny and well balanced.
The kind of cartoon artists and producers show learn about.

(Thanks to Amid Amidi and his Cartoon Modern blog to make me discover this master piece).

A funny thing to notice is the presence, in a Disney program, of Wernher von Braun, the father of the american space program, but before that the creator of the deadly V2 rockets used by the nazi germany during world war 2... spooky !

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New avatar

This time it's really me :)

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Doodles page

I've been very busy this week so here is a all page !

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Dr Sheldon Cooper

For all the Big Bang Theory fans :D