samedi, février 27, 2010

vendredi, février 19, 2010


Few days ago, Rad Sechrist asked me to participate to a new blog called The Art Center. The blog is driven by Randall Sly, the guy behind the famous Character design blog , and gather tutorials by different artists who share there tips and ideas. Go check it, it's a good place to learn and find ideas:


If you want to improve your drawing skills, go NOW on Rad Sechrist HOW TO blog, you will learn a lot of very interesting little tips that will make your life better. Go NOW !!

--> Rad's HOW TO blog

And so, here are the tutorials I've made. I have to warn you that I don't do this because I think "I KNOW" or "I'm good at this" (because I really don't), it's just to share some ideas and tell how I do things.

samedi, février 13, 2010


No time to make a new illustration so here are few rough drawings I've made 2 month ago.

mercredi, février 10, 2010

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks to the fabulous Chris Battle, I just got a Kreativ Blogger Award ! So a big thank to you Chris, you rock !

The rule is that I have to nominate 7 other blogs and tell 7 interesting things about myself.

Nominees (they are all great and fantastic artists) :
-Julien Bizat
-Aurore Damant
-Julien Le Rolland
-Radford Sechrist
-Chris Sasaki
-Lorelay Bove
-Alberto Mielgo

7 Things :
-I'm allergic to chocolate
-I started drawing when I was 15 years old (I was spending all my time copying mangas)
-My girlfriend is doing her PhD in cinéma at La Sorbonne, she's specialised in animation, of course (and she's writing a book about Bill Plympton right now).
-I like to read children's book to my girlfriend before we get asleep
-I discovered How I met your mother 4 days ago, I've nearly finished season 2 now, it's legen... wait for it... dary !
-I suck at writing english
-but I cook the best croque-monsieur ever !

samedi, février 06, 2010

Werewolf design

Here are the wolf design I told you before. The rough version and the color with the changes the client asked.