dimanche, avril 26, 2009

Ass girl

The girl who make sport ONLY to have a better ass than Beyonce.

samedi, avril 25, 2009


Since a couple of month I go to gym and have the pleasure to discover freacky people you can only see I such a place...
So I start a new serie of drawings about them.

This one is the guy nobody told him we are no longer in the 80's.

dimanche, avril 19, 2009


Usually I'm more in characters than backgrounds but here are few ones I've done for one of my project. It's very hesitating but I really take a lot of pleasure doing this, playing with colors, shapes, tones, contasts, etc...

If you have any experience in backgrounds don't hesitate to give me your tips and advices !!!

mercredi, avril 15, 2009

Le Building and Festival Qualité

Here are two short films I've co-directed when I was in Gobelins. They are a bit old now but it's never to late to post them on my blog !

Le Building:
Co-directed with Marco Nguyen, Pierre Perifel, Olivier Staphylas and Rémi Zaarour in 2005 for the Annecy animated film festival. http://www.le-building.com

Festival Qualité:

Co-directed with Pierre Perifel, Jun Frederic Violet and Rémi Zaarour in 2004 for the Annecy animated film festival.

samedi, avril 11, 2009


Because they are cute, sexy and liked by boys and girls from every culture.

mardi, avril 07, 2009

dimanche, avril 05, 2009

Lu & XAV go to California !!!

An illustration with me and my girlfriend to tell you that i'm coming to California from 29th april to 16th may to make a car trip all around the state !!!

I'm aleady going to Disney and Dreamworks to visit friends, but i'd be very happy to go to other studios to meet american colleagues and to show my reel and portfolio.
So if you want to meet some frenchies, just tell me :)