samedi, février 12, 2011

Why those titles ?!?

No new art today but a question for all of you guys from USA, Great Britain and other english speaking countries: WHY THOSE STUPID MOVIE TITLES ?

In France, when an american (or english) movie is released, the distributors have 3 options for the title:
1- They give a french title, which can be a direct translation (Le roi lion for The lion king), an approximate translation (40 ans, toujours puceau for The 40 year old virgin, not so far) or give a completly different name (Rendez-vous l'été prochain for Jack goes boating, nothing in common).
2- They keep the original title (the best option, in my opinion).
3- They give a new name, but in english.

And this 3rd one is a wonderful nonsense stupidity.

I let you discover the exemples above, it speaks for itself. It seems that in France, we can only understand films with VERY simple english words like TRIP, VERY or BAD. I know that our average skills in english are not very high in France (and me too) but I'm not sure we are that dumb... It's perfectly ridiculous.

The funny thing to notice is that the english movie The boat that rocked, called in France Good morning england, has another name in USA: Pirate radio. I guess the french distributors are not the only ones who think their local audience is dumb...

I'm curious to know what you think about that guys!