mercredi, septembre 25, 2013

Delta by CRCR

I gave a hand to the CRCR guys on this wonderfull video clip for C2C. It wasn't a lot but I was happy to be part of it !

Here are the two shot I've been animating.

dimanche, septembre 15, 2013

Pin-up in a square 2

My tumblr portfolio

I've created a tumblr with all the works I like, animations, character designs, illustrations and photos, go check it if you like what I do, there's some new stuff in it.

mercredi, septembre 11, 2013

Come back

Long time no see... I'm working a lot those last months, I spend a lot of time on my different jobs and my spare time on my short film ( it's moving forward very slowly, but it's moving forward). I really wanted to make a new illustration, so here it is.