vendredi, octobre 30, 2009

Orange Star

Not a lot of time to make an update those last days, I'm working on the character design of a new TV show for french TV , it's the very beginning so it takes a lot of time. And beside I'm doing a new CGI animation for my démo.

During september I've been working on a TV ad for Orange at Wizz. I've made 2D flash and CGI animation, here is the result.

orange - "origami Star" from iboosession on Vimeo.

I don't know if you noticed but there's a coward dinosaur surrounded by UFOs, cavemans and flying cars, here is the animation:

Dino Orange Star from Xavier Ramonède on Vimeo.

3 commentaires:

Tooninator a dit…

that ad is unreal. Such a clever idea

Stefanie Huynh a dit…

wow! Which 3d program did you use to make the origami?
That is great!

Didchocolatine a dit…

T'as bosser sur cette pub !!! whaaaa ! je l'ai vu quand je suis rentré en france. J'avais trop pensé à toi et à gorillaz en la mattant ! see u sur paname (je monte comme dhab) :)