samedi, octobre 12, 2013

Masters of Anatomy

 With 100 incredible artists like Humberto Ramos, Rad Sechrist, Sean "Cheecks" Galloway, Pascal Campion, Francisco Herrera or Martin Wittig, I'm part of a very interesting book project where we all propose an "ideal" male and female like Andrew Loomis did.
 It's a kickstarter project so, if you want to have your own copy, go here:

mercredi, octobre 02, 2013

My mini animation reel

Not my professionnal reel, there's many things I can't show you here, it's just to get an idea of what I do for a living.
Music: Electric Guest - Ritual Union
Mini-reel October 2013 from Xavier Ramonède on Vimeo.

mercredi, septembre 25, 2013

Delta by CRCR

I gave a hand to the CRCR guys on this wonderfull video clip for C2C. It wasn't a lot but I was happy to be part of it !

Here are the two shot I've been animating.

dimanche, septembre 15, 2013

Pin-up in a square 2

My tumblr portfolio

I've created a tumblr with all the works I like, animations, character designs, illustrations and photos, go check it if you like what I do, there's some new stuff in it.

mercredi, septembre 11, 2013

Come back

Long time no see... I'm working a lot those last months, I spend a lot of time on my different jobs and my spare time on my short film ( it's moving forward very slowly, but it's moving forward). I really wanted to make a new illustration, so here it is.

lundi, janvier 21, 2013

Animation for a Deezer commercial

My last animation job on this great commercial.
Directed by CRCR
Design by McBess

My work.
Deezer Animation from Xavier Ramonède on Vimeo.

lundi, septembre 10, 2012

La newyorkaise

She pretty much looks like la parisienne, in fact...

vendredi, août 31, 2012


There's 3 explanations in this picture about why I no longer post:
1- I'm married since the beginning of august
2- I'm in New York ever since
3- I brought an old computer and a wacom tablet to work on my short film project

But I'll be back in Paris in few days and I'll try to post more :)

And few pictures.

lundi, juillet 23, 2012

2D Traditionnal Animation Tumblr

That's it, the indiegogo campaign is over! The first goal hasn't been reached but I'm very happy of the result. A lot of people really liked the project, so I'm more motivated than ever. I can't wait to start animation.

To celebrate the beginning of the production I've created  a tumblr about 2D traditionnal animation, enjoy !

vendredi, juillet 20, 2012


There's only 40 hours left if you want to help me fund my film project There's something in the house.

If you can't give money, don't hesitate to share around you, on your blog or facebook page.

Thanks a lot guys ! I hope you like those last researches.

samedi, juillet 14, 2012

It's almost over !!

There's only one week left to help me fund my short film project There's something in the house !!!

Here's a layout from on of the first scene of the film, please go on this PAGE if you want this film to happen !

lundi, juillet 09, 2012

There's something in the house: Character designs

Sorry for the lack of news those last days but I'm spending all my time planning my wedding the next 4th of august. I'd never imagined how much work it was !

Here are the researches and the final designs of the two main characters of my short film project There's something in the house.
If you want to help me and if you want to know more about the project, go visite my INDIEGOGO page ! And spread around you, thanks guys.

And some character dev.

vendredi, juin 22, 2012

Colors Script

Here's the color script of my short film project There's something in the house.

If you want to know more about it and you want to help me fund my project, go on my Indiegogo page and spreed it around you. There's a lot of nice rewards for the funders !

lundi, juin 11, 2012

TISITH: Animation test

My short film project There's something in the house fund campaign is now launched on Indiegogo .
If you want to know more about this film and help me you can participate and help fund or just like the page and share it all around you !  Thank you guys.


So here is an animation and render test for the project:

mercredi, juin 06, 2012

There's something in the house !

Hi guys! I'm happy to introduce you to my short film project called There's something in the house.

If you want to know more about it, go to the Indiegogo page .

If you like the project and you want to be part of it, check the rewards, they might interest you! Depending on how generous you're, you can earn DVDs, drawings, animations and even an animation class. Don't forget to like the page and share it around you, if I have a lot of pageviews I'll have more chance to fund the film. Thanks!

lundi, juin 04, 2012

mardi, mai 08, 2012

Naked Beauty 4: Step by step

For the ones who are interested on how I work, here is a step by step of how I've done my last illustration.

I always use photoshop CS3 and a Cintiq 21UX. I can't tell you exactly wich brush I use, it's just a random one I time to time change in the Shape window (it's always better when you try to find your own brush you really like).

Because of my poor skills in english, I'll explain only the important parts, you'll find more details the layers (I use a french Photoshop and name my layers in french too, sorry guys).

1. I start with the rough drawing, no need to do it too very precise.

2. I start with the skin (here I use two different layers, one for the back arm and one for the rest).

3. Then I add layers for the shadows.

4. Then shoes and hair (different layers again).

5. Then I make a new folder for the face and I make every detail on a different layer (it's easier if you have to change something).

6. I had highlights and shadows on the hair and shoes.

7. I make the last details and correct few things.

8. I make selections to had halos and shadows on the skin. At this stage, I spend a lot of time playing with the layer modes and oppacity to find the perfect match.

9. I use the gradiant tool to make a subtle color effect.

10. And once again I look for the best mode and oppacity to have the best effect.

11. I select the "light" areas and put a little bit of light in it with the levels.

12. I do the same with the shadows.

13. I make a subtle highlight on the background.

14. The signature.

15. I add noise on a new white layer for the background, and the I play with the mode and oppacity.

16. Then I do the same just for the girl, to have the perfect amount of noise on the image.

17. Et voilà !

I hope it's clear enough, don't hesitate to ask questions.