samedi, février 06, 2010

Werewolf design

Here are the wolf design I told you before. The rough version and the color with the changes the client asked.

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Béji a dit…

Bien bien sympa tout ca. Les mec a un air de Robert Pattinson là.

Alina Chau a dit…

Love the design of the WOLF!!

DSM a dit…

Whoa! Loooong arms; but nice lines! Enjoying the blog..

Fran Johnston a dit…

Cool! like his massive arms.

Abz a dit…

pretty darn awesome!!!

Chris Battle a dit…

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rad sechrist a dit…

cool, love the colors on the werewolf.

Justin Rodrigues a dit…

great stuff! love the design of the man version.

Andry a dit…

Beaux boulots!