dimanche, avril 05, 2009

Lu & XAV go to California !!!

An illustration with me and my girlfriend to tell you that i'm coming to California from 29th april to 16th may to make a car trip all around the state !!!

I'm aleady going to Disney and Dreamworks to visit friends, but i'd be very happy to go to other studios to meet american colleagues and to show my reel and portfolio.
So if you want to meet some frenchies, just tell me :)

9 commentaires:

Kassandra Heller a dit…

Wow! What a fun road trip! And a great illustration! Have fun running around California!

lorelay bove a dit…

beautiful work and blog! thanks for stopping at my blog, so that I could find your blog!



Have a very safe trip. enjoy the adventure..


lautrette a dit…

bon ben je fais chauffer le cafe!!!!

c'est chouette ca, que vous veniez attraper des coups de soleil chez nous!
et puis oui bien sur, que j'ai deux minutes a t'accorder meme deux heures si ces pingres de producteurs ne m'enchainent pas autour d'une chaise!

a bientot donc!

PS bien la classe cette catre de depart!!!

paublo a dit…

thank you for swinging by my blog..your work is amazing!! have a great trip..if you happen to make it to Canada and are anywhere near Toronto make sure to drop me line!!

alberto mielgo a dit…

Good luck, I´m sure they will love all your work.
Would you be ready to leave those amazing views of Paris from your flat?

XAV a dit…

Kassandra> thanks !

Lorelay> with pleasure, i'm very happy you like my blog.

GOGOPEDRO> thanks man !

lautrette> un grand merci d'avance alors, me tarde d'etre là !!

paublo> very proud you likemy work man, and i'd definitly take you in touch if i come to Toronto.

alberto> i'm in love with Paris but, you how this job works, if you have one you can't miss an opportunity !

Thierry Cattant a dit…

Have a nice trip!

Très bon travail, J'ai découvert ton blog aujourd'hui et je vais le suivre…

Chris Battle a dit…

Xav-- I'm currently at Disney TV, so feel free to drop by and say hi when you're on the lot seeing your friends!